The Brains Behind Braideez
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As a passionate amateur dressage rider, I show occasionally and braid my own horse. This is the part of showing that I dislike the most. I dread the ordeal of threading needles, hooking yarn, tying knots and then cutting out the yarn to remove the braids when you are tired at the end of the day. 

In the spring of 2010 I had entered a local schooling show. A few days before the show I had an “Aha!”moment. “Why not use Twisteezwire”. Our family business has been making and marketing the plastic coated copper wire used for arts and crafts, for fifty years. It's made specifically to be soft, easy to bend and cut, non toxic, and reusable.

So I did. I tried it out in a lesson before the show. I braided the wire into the mane as you do yarn, but instead of sewing the braid into the desired shape, I found I could bend and mold the braid with the wire in it. It was so easy! And the best part was the ease of removal. After undoing the half hitch I put in to secure the braid, I pulled the wire straight and it popped right out! As an added benefit, not a hair of the mane was damaged.

I knew I had a product that could simplify braiding for many others. Braideez has specific colors to match your horse and packaged specifically for braiding with illustrated (by me) instructions.

Sandy Rabinowitz and Mojo

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