Horse mane and tail braiding wire
braiding wire package
Braideez ™ 2013       Webmaster Ice Pond Studio
• Easy to put in - stays in
• Shape braids by hand - no sewing
• Change styles instantly
• Easy, fast to remove from braids
• Will not damage mane or tail
• Reusable
• Cuts easily
• Black, brown, or white, or bright colors:

• NON TOXIC - CPSA Certified
cpsa seal
• Flexible plastic coated copper wire
• Instructions Included - Free downloads!    See instruction page

Just braided                                    After 24 hours of turn-out/                                                           mud/rain

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Wave Braids
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california riding magazine

Braideez featured
in California Riding Magazine, June 2103
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I tried Braideez and I am not going back to yarn or elastic bands. easy to put in and take out... stayed in for a two day show. Big plus - comes out without damaging hair! I highly recommend them.

Judy Lieberman, CT